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Making Room For Inclusivity With Cleo Black

August 25, 2020 Cleo Black Season 2 Episode 9
Orms Air: The Orms Podcast
Making Room For Inclusivity With Cleo Black
Show Notes

This week in our digital studio we are joined in conversation by body equality advocate Cleo Black or as many of us may know her Thirtylaundry.

Cleo takes us on her journey from her beginnings as a content creator to her growing influence as a body equality advocate fuelled by her thriving digital community. Cleo honestly shares about the emotional and mental struggles that not being represented in mainstream media brings and the battle she's constantly fighting to ensure a new generation of larger bodies are met with a deeper understanding.

The following brands are favourites of Cleo's and offer inclusive sizing:
Cotton On Jeans offers an inclusive sizing
Pick 'n Pay Clothing has given Cleo some gems over the past few years
Studio Farouche which is an exclusively inclusive clothing brand.
Style Rotate, the fashion renting service that gives you the option to rent out outfits for those special or not so special moments.
Shopaholic for swimsuits that are so cute you won't be able to buy just one.
Me and B, a mother and daughter design duo who focus on capsule collections and inclusive sizing.
Musea the label, as they're known on Instagram who offers a made to order service. 

As Cleo reveals she creates all of the visual content she creates on her mobile phone. With shooting on her phone comes an understanding of how to utilise the tools at her disposal to create the dreamy curation of her Instagram gallery. 
These are the apps Cleo uses:
Face Tune 2 for IOS
Auto Blur for Android 
Vintage Camera/ 8mm Vintage Camera

To plan her feed Cleo uses Later to plan and keep the curation of her feed on point and extra dreamy.